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35 "Click-Worthy" Canva Pinterest Pin Templates

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What if you could create amazing pins in just a few clicks?

I mean, you’re a boss and your time is super valuable.

With content creation, social media and collaborations, you’ve got more important things to worry about than your Pinterest pin designs.

You’ve got 99 problems, and you're tired of pin templates being one.

And you know it’s true, because…

  • 🚨 You are wasting so much time “tinkering” and “tweaking” pin designs that just aren’t working for you (no matter how hard you try or hours you waste on them).
  • 🫣 Your pins look exactly like all the other pins on Pinterest, there’s nothing unique to you, your blog or your brand about them.
  • ⏰ You’re spending your time analyzing all the popular pins on Pinterest trying to figure out why they’re getting repins and clicks, but yours aren't.
  • 😓 You’ve signed up for every single Pinterest template freebie you can find, but you’re still not confident about their designs.
  • ❌ You’re worried something is wrong with your Pin designs, but you’re so not a graphic designer and you’re tired of struggling to design the perfect pin.

"The Pin Template Starter Kit is a wonderful way to dip your toes into design for Pinterest. Nadalie covers everything you need to quickly modify the valuable Canva templates she provides. The kit has a full tutorial on modifying templates but also includes tutorials on animating video pins and coming up with color schemes for your designs. Overall, this is a very robust starter kit that'll help you design your pins confidently."

- Kimberly Costa, Illustrator & Designer

"If it is going to save me time and help me grow? Done and done, take my money! Having Pinterest templates ready to go is a game changer! You're managing so much while you're growing your brand, and having templates done for you so you know you'll start to get page views on Pinterest. Amazing!"

- Bree Pair, Founder & CEO of Thrive


Did I mention that every time you publish a new blog post you’re spending WAY TOO MUCH time failing at designing pins for it? It's time to stop that.

Let’s get right to it - you really need Pinterest pin designing to be super easy.

Like, click, click, add image, change text, download and post to Pinterest.

Newsflash, with my 35 “Click-worthy” Pin Templates they can be!

Your pins can be designed in no time flat...
if you have amazing templates that do all the hard work for you.

"I can finally stop downloading free templates that look like everyone else’s and take me hours to update! My pins finally look good and only take a few minutes to set up. Thank you Nadalie for saving my sanity and my Canva account!"

- Nina Clapperton, She Knows SEO

"The Pin Template Starter Kit is sort of like hiring a VA without paying for a Pinterest VA LOL. Seriously it saves sooo much time and $$$ and I am HERE.FOR.IT. Thank you, Nadalie. Your stuff is always gold. <3"

- Eden Fried


The Pin Template Starter Kit

The Pin Template Starter Kit with 35 “Click-Worthy” Canva Pinterest Pin Templates for Standard Image and Video Pins. Just buy, customize and pin!

What to know more about the Starter Kit?

Let’s take a look inside.

Your Starter Kit includes...

  • How to Edit Pin Templates Training that shows you how to customize your Pinterest Pin templates in Canva.
  • Ten 1000 x 1500 Pin Templates that are easily customizable to your blog and branding.
  • Ten 1000 x 1500 Video Pin Templates for you to create even more engaging pins.
  • Ten 1080 x 1920 Longer Pin Templates waiting for you to add your unique style.
  • ✨Five 1080 x 1920 "Idea Pin Styled" Video Pins Templates with pages for cover, steps and call to action.
  • 15-Page Bonus Design Guide that shows you exactly how to customize each pin template, from where to add or change color to how to change backgrounds and more.
  • BONUS Branding 101 Color Scheme Video to help you choose your brand colors. With an introduction to color theory and how to choose complementary colors, you’ll always know which ones to use in your pin designs.
  • ✨ BONUS 10 Pinterest Board Cover + Profile Banner Templates to quickly brand your profile.

All of this and more will be accessible to you 24/7 in Teachable + Canva.

Note: Templates do not come with a color scheme or stock photos. You'll easily add your own.

Your Instructor

Nadalie Bardo
Nadalie Bardo
Hey! I'm Nadalie Bardo and I'm simply in LOVE with Pinterest. For the last 8 years, I've built my personal development blog, It’s All You Boo’s authority, and reach for free with just Pinterest and SEO. Achieving 1M views on Pinterest since my first month, I've organically grown my email list to 24K+ subscribers and 1000s of happy customers from digital products and course sales. As a Pinterest Coach, I'm dedicated to helping blogs, businesses, and brands achieve their goals of more traffic, more subscribers, and more sales.


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"I’ve been stuck using the same few Pin templates on repeat for so long and now I have no excuses to create a variety of beautiful, branded pins in minutes. Thanks, Nadalie!"

- Mim Jenkinson, Love From Mim

"I LOVE this mini-course with SO MANY TEMPLATES and highly recommend it to anyone starting out with Pinterest as it will tell you the EXACT things you need to create click-worthy pins that drive a ton of traffic to your shop. And the templates make everything 10x easier. Yay!"

- Jav Sid, Cut N Make Crafts

"These Pinterest pin templates are like nothing I’ve seen before! I can create new pins in less than 3 minutes, and customize them to fit my brand so that they look just the way I want. Best of all, they are all so unique and come with step-by-step instructions meaning that your pins will do better, and thus get you more clicks, leads and sales."

- Marina Lotiaf, Yes to Tech

Here’s how to design click-worthy pins.


You click the enroll now button and securely check out with a credit card or PayPal.


You’ll immediately receive a confirmation of your enrollment email, and invitation to log in right here on Teachable and access your 35 templates.


Just like that, you’ll start designing gorgeous Pinterest pins like you've always dreamed you could.


Everyone will be wondering when you had time to become a graphic designer and they will not believe you when you say, "Oh, I just designed them in Canva for FREE."


With worrying about Pinterest pins officially off your to-do list, you’ll now have the time to focus on other things like your pinning strategy (aka what actually matters). All because you got the Pin Template Starter Kit. #bestdecisionever

So, what are you waiting for? Click below to get yours now.


"These pin templates were such a time saver - exactly what I was looking for. Very easy to use and the directions were spot on. No confusion about how to make them work for my brand. Thank you!”

- Christina, Fit Soul Blanace Mind

"OMG Nadalie!!!!!! You've saved me hours and hours of time. I always struggled to find pin templates that I liked ... I wholeheartedly believe EVERYONE should use these templates. Not only are they amazing .. BUT they are also so beautiful, easy to use, and are making my life so much easier. Thanks for creating these... I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!"

- Julie C Butler, Business Coach

"OMG! I just love these templates. You’d be surprised to see that every template is completely different in design than the others. Nadalie makes it super easy to edit the template by using your own brand colors and fonts which takes less than 5 minutes. I just feel like clicking to these pins if I see them on Pinterest."

- Arfa Nazeer, She Means Blogging

I love how easy the Pin Template Starter Kit is to customize. It saved me so much time so I can focus on learning more about SEO. I am much more confident now. I am excited to start scheduling and posting consistently. I loved this kit! Highly recommend it!"

- Jessica Duffy, Impressive Invites Boutique

"These templates are perfect!! It's not often you find templates that are so versatile and easy to put your own branding and style onto. Plus you have the peace of mind that they're made by a Pinterest pro and they really reflect what converts and is working well NOW on Pinterest."

- Kayla Ihrig, Writing From Nowhere

"Nadalie taught me the most basic basics of how to design Pins in Canva to get them noticed--from choosing the right colors to easily customizing templates-- did I mention she's one of the best graphic designers out there? Get these templates, you'll love 'em!"

- Carly Helfand, Travel Blogger, 52 Cities Blog

"This was such a great learning experience. I have an Etsy shop and had no idea how much Pinterest could promote my business. Can wait to see the Pinterest travel flowing in.”"

- Kristi Brehmer, Middle of the Hill

"Nadalie has done an amazing job putting together the Pin Starter Course. She has made it super easy to learn and it has come at the best time as I'm ready to start selling digital products. Thank you, Nadalie xo"

- Felicity, Digital Impacted

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the templates?
How does lifetime access sound? After purchasing, you have unlimited access to the templates and training for as long as you like. That means the templates, training and design guide as accessible to you 24-7 on-demand.
Who are these templates made for?
If you’re tired of endlessly tweaking and tinkering with Pin templates that are not working for you, these templates are for you. If you’re a blogger who wants to save time and skip the stress to create beautiful pins, this is for you too! If you’re ready to quit designing new pins for every piece of content you create, say hello to your solution.
How do I get the templates?
As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive an email inviting you to log into Teachable (the online course platform). All you have to do is click the links and you’ll be taken directly to your templates in Canva. The 35 templates are customizable in Canva only. If you do not have a Canva account, you can create one at for free.
How do I edit the templates, do I need Photoshop?
It’s easy! You customize the templates for free using Canva (see next question for more about Canva). You do not need Adobe Photoshop or any other confusing graphic design software. Canva is easy to use, plus with the training video, I'll show you how to customize your templates.
What’s Canva, do I need to pay for it?
Canva is a free online graphic design tool accessible through any web browser like Chrome or Safari. You don’t need to download or pay for anything to use it. They also have a free smartphone and desktop app! Simply sign up for a FREE account at and you’re on your way. You can upgrade to Canva Pro and unlock more features, but it’s not required to use your templates.
I’m so not tech-friendly, will I be able to use the templates?
Not to worry, what makes Canva amazing is just how user-friendly it is. The starter kit also comes with How to Edit Pin Templates Training that shows you how to customize your Pinterest Pin templates in Canva. You’ll learn how to change the colors, add in photos and make them your own in just a few clicks. Plus, you also get a 30-Page Bonus Design Guide that shows you exactly how to customize each pin template.
What makes these Pinterest templates so special?
Great question! I’m sure you’ve noticed that practically every pin looks the same on Pinterest. That’s because so many people are using the same templates (or copying - yikes!). It was my goal for this starter kit to create something you’ve never seen before. With these 35 pin templates, I drew inspiration from some of my best-performing pins to create something original. I’ll confess I even considered keeping them all for myself, they're that good. You will not find these templates on Pinterest. Also, since my templates do not include a color scheme or stock photos, you get to make them 100% yours and unique to your branding.
Are these templates worth the price?
Let’s be honest, you’ve been spending way too much time designing Pin templates. Every time you publish a blog post you dread designing yet another pin. Why not make things easier by using templates that do all the hard work for you. With these templates all you have to do is change the words, snap in a new image and make a few clicks. Your time is valuable, the Pin Template Starter Kit allows you to create new content faster.
May I use these templates for my clients?
Sorry, but no. To prevent oversaturation of these templates, these pins include a SINGLE LICENSE that is non-transferable. The Pin Template Starter Kit may only be used by the purchaser, for their own personal use only (of course that includes their own blog or business). That means that you may not share these templates with anyone else for any reason, or use them for any other Pinterest account than your own. If your Pinterest account is for your blog or your business, you may use them. If however, for example, you are a Pinterest VA or account manager, you may NOT use these templates to create pins for your clients.

"Nadalie’s templates are very user-friendly. They’re great for beginners all the way to advanced Pinterest users. The BEST part is they save you time! She is giving you what works for Pinterest, so you don’t have to research and design covers! That’s a HUGE win in my book!"

- Annice, Building the Crowders

“I love that Nadalie has made it so easy for us to customize the pin templates with the design notes and given tips on how to improve the pin design by using various font effects and color schemes. These are probably the most organized and user-friendly pin templates that I have seen and certainly super simple to use even for the complete beginner!"

- Faith Lee, FaithBizAcademy

"This was the best pin template I have bought because it not only included quick, customizable designs, but it also included calls to action which I struggle with. Also - these are way cuter than anything I could design in less than 15 minutes."

- Jeri Livingston, Make It Catholic Mama

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“If you find yourself wasting loads of time coming up with pin designs or trying to create pins that actually look good, this starter kit can help. The done-for-you Pinterest templates will shave loads of time off your content promotion workflow and can help you get more traffic from the platform, too!"

- Jessie Festa, Solo Travel Blogger, Jessie On A Journey

"I wasted quite a lot of time creating my own graphics but they never looked this good! I looove templates and this kit is a no-brainer! Now I can just play around with fonts and images or even just hand it off to my VA and still get much more eyeballs than before. Can I say I'm a huge fan of templates? Nadalie did a great job here."

- Sunita, DreamBuildingNow

"I love the 'plug and play' feature of these Pinterest templates. They take the drudgery out of creating Pinterest pins and make it fun!"

- Stella, Health Uprising Now